The Fox and It

Category: Picture Book for Children
No. of pages: 27 (including front cover)
Runty, a curious little fox cub who lives in the English countryside, stumbles across It one day. Find out why, and what happens next in this rhyming poem for very young children, complete with bright, colourful pictures.

Praise for 'The Fox and It':

From Anne Leong, 9 July 2013, Singapore,, Twitter: @anne_leong
 'I really liked the story because of Runty. Being inquisitive, being a little daring, not waiting for Mum's go ahead, wanting things all to himself,......and OOPS!  Well, at least he learns a lesson at the end. Phew, what an adventure!'

From book blog 'Nayu's Reading Corner', 23 Sept 2013,, Twitter: @nayuleska
'I laughed so much reading this funny tale - the illustrations are spot on with the hilarity - it's the expressions of the characters which makes me feel as if I'm watching a cartoon in slow motion. There are positive messages of not being too nosy, helping others and picking up any rubbish to keep everywhere looking nice. I confess to rereading this straight away for the sheer fun of it!'

Amazon reviews:

From Dibeen:
'Loved this short, playful and punchy story. I'll be reading it to many of the little people in my family as a valuable lesson in "Mum knows best"!'

From Kristin:
'This is an awesome tale about the (mis)adventures of a little fox. I love the themes of the importance of listening and being kind to the environment. The rhyming story and the adorable, colorful pictures make it perfect for my little girl who is almost one year old.'

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