About Me

I thought I would use what I've written on Amazon, even though it's weird talking about myself in the third person!
'Beanie Lei was a child when she was bitten by the storytelling bug, but it took her years to write her stories down because she likes talking too much. Her friends called her 'Beanie' because they thought that the thick braids she used to wear looked like broad beans. She now thinks it makes a wonderful pseudonym.

Beanie's adventures in fiction-writing have led to her Twitter novel, 'Mirrorverse', and her picture book for children, 'The Fox and It'. 'The Prophecy', written while she was still at school as a very different story, is her first novella to be written down.

A photo of some flowers serves as Beanie's profile picture because she believes, strongly, that readers should buy her books based on their content; how she looks should not play a part in any decision they make. She reassures readers, however, that she is extremely decent to look at, and real.

A reader once asked her on her blog how she comes up with ideas, and to her eternal shame, she accidentally deleted the question because she was excited to get a question on her blog and didn't know how to blog properly back then. The answer is that she gets her ideas from walking around town and chatting to people, and making things up in her head. And that is what she will continue to do in the years ahead

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